These are the rates as per the resolution dated 20th August 2016 and 19th August 2019.

Special subscription of Rs. 65/- per Hectare is collected ONLY ONCE from the Company and Large grower members towards "Building Fund". Type Rates
1. Company and Large Grower members (More than 10 Hectares) Rs. 65/- per hectare, per annum
2. Small Growers (10 Hectares and below) Rs. 600/- per annum
3. Firm members Rs. 1,750/- per annum
4. Personal members Rs. 1000/- per annum
5. Life Membership for small growers Rs. 5,500/- (one time)
6. Association Members Rs.2,000/- per annum
7. Spouse Members Rs.2,000/- (one time)

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